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       A form of physical poetry is displayed using Hollywoodesque like sculptures as models

absorbed through the artist’s lens. Utilizing the magazine page and its contents, the paintings

in this series may have a cinematic feel, with a dose of film noir. Paul’s painting may represent

a transformation, where the artist is a conductor, transferring information from unlikely settings.

Applying radiant yellows, reds, and vibrant whites that can suddenly turn the scene into a time

traveling sci-fi looking landscape.


















        In this painting series, the viewer can feel the rise of body temperature within Paul and his

brush stroke. Although there is a heighten emotion in these works, it seems that there is a

recurring theme of loneliness, sorrow, and people possibly consumed by the thoughts of what is going on around them. Among these paintings, at moments looking like a kaleidoscopic composition of color, Paul creates a surreal image, visually in place and time.


        At other times Paul may arrange colors on top of each other in a more festive way. Creating

ambiguity and mysterious characters that emanate in his paintings.


                                                                                                                             Alex Shinohara

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